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Customs Clearance (Import)


For goods arriving from extra-EC-states we take care of the customs import formalities, following order and instructions of the italian receiver. Of course telematically and with our authorization for the simplified procedure, so waiting times for trucks are reduced to a minimum. There are different types of import formalities. Several of them with fiscal relevance, such as p.e.:

  • import without paying VAT for regular exporters
  • release for free circulation and introducing in VAT-deposit

which obviously have to be agreed in advance. Further there can be also special instructions regarding forwarding the goods; i.e. a neutral consignment to the final receiver, who could be different from importer.

For this reason

  • importers which intend to buy goods abroad, or
  • forwarder which intend to do customs import formalities with us

please contact in time to take any agreement about the necessary formalities before arrival of truck at our office. This only to avoid useless waiting time for drivers and trucks.

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With more than 40 years of experience we are a company leader in ambit of customs formalities, transit documents and Intrastat.